Friday, March 23, 2012

And just in case...

Just in case some of you yahoos like to run on two feet instead of two pedals once in a while... the Decorah Hash House Harriers are firing back up for spring. They are a little more tame than some HHH's, but tend to find better trails... If you are up for the get down, check out all the details HERE for THIS SUNDAY - 3/25/2012. That is all...

Decorah Time Trials just a month away...

It may be worth noting a couple of things:

1) Spinner just gave me access to start posting to Bike Decorah - you can direct complaints to him, if you can find him somewhere east of the Mississippi.

2) 22nd Annual Decorah Time Trials are coming up in just over a month (Sunday, April 29). Register HERE by April 1st if you would like to be able to pick your start time and get in on the rad water bottles - otherwise just show up and peddle hard. The trails are already shaping up amazingly for this early in the year - so no excuses. Registration/Pick-up on site begins at 8:30am on Sunday, April 29. Click here for all the details!

3) I'm working on an un-official Surly broken-chain-on-the-trail carrying device... this is the prototype thus far... Now get out there and enjoy the ride!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Garlic Mustard Doomsday

Where: Palisades Park: go past the entrance along the gravel road by the river half a mile to the end.
When: Sat. March 31, 9:00 a.m. to noon
Plan to arrive not later than 10 a.m., as we may be moving to other locations.
Bring gloves.  We’ll have hand diggers and hoes, but we could use more hoes.
Garlic mustard is an invasive weed that crowds out woodland plants, including young trees.
Learn how to ID and weed this destructive plant and help save the city parks.
Contact:  Mary Lewis at 563 382-6349

For more information on Garlic Mustard go the link below:
Garlic Mustard Identification and Control on Vimeo
See you on Doomsday!

DHPT Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Decorah Human Powered Trails
Cooper’s Pub—The Oaks

7:05p.m. Call to Order by President Pete Blodgett

Members Present:
Pete Blodgett
Kirk Johnson
Jeff O’Gara
Doug Osborn
Justin Ratzlaff
Ben Shockey

Treasurer’s report: $1,334.91 in our Park and Rec. Acct.  ($624 of that is from Toppling Goliath’s Watershed Wheat Project) which needs to be spent for a watershed protection project in the future. There is  another $653.00 and some odd cents to be added to the DHPT club account from the Pugsley World Championships.

Approval of minutes

Protivin Catholic School used Playground Equipment.
Much discussion about where to use various pieces of this recycled material.  Biggest concern is finding a place to store it.  Consensus was to accept the material if we can find a place on private land to store it.  Motion to table by Pete.

Fundraising and sponsorships for 2012.
Jeff O’Gara plans to meet with Justin Gullekson, John Wilmes, and Troy Whitehill on March 28th.  Jeff will share with them the process and past communications with our sponsors.

Old Business
1. Website/Blog Responsibilities update: Benji Nichols will talk to Jes Reyerson to get the Blog set up for him to use.

2. Decorah Blue Zone designation:  The community will continue to pursue healthy initiatives with the possibility of a second round of Blue Zone funding.

3. Decorah Time Trials update for the Sunday, April 29, 2012, event. Nothing new… Except for some concern that with the EARLY spring we are having  growth of weeds prior to the race could become a problem.  We’ll need to keep on top of the growth a little earlier than usual.

4. Dirt Burger update for the Fri.-Sun., June 8-10, 2012 event: nothing new.

5. Night Shift Night Race update for the Saturday, September 29, 2012 event: nothing new.

            6. Ciclovia Event: This event is planned for a weekend in May or June TBA: nothing new… Probably a June event.

            7. Trail building for 2012:  Lots of discussion here about priorities and needs.  It was generally agreed that the near term priorities are as follows:

#1 Time Trial course (make sure weeds, fallen trees etc… are taken care of as soon as possible.  Doug will fix “the steep dip” at the top of Fred Trail this weekend).

#2 Trout Run Trail to Phelps Park Link (need to check on TOW reimbursement for construction.  This needs to be completed as soon as possible and no later than June 1, 2012. Deke had mentioned that there are some donated railroad ties that we can use for this project.  It is estimated that it will take a crew of a dozen or more at least a full day to complete this section properly).

#3 River Trail (complete the short section “along the rock wall” that takes the trail a little higher and away from the water’s edge.  People have been “riding it in, “but it needs a little shoring and then the old trail should be closed by placing some brush in the way, and allowed to grow over).

#4. Old Randy’s (Lots of discussion on how and when to do this.  Is it possible to get some small end loaders and skid loaders, mules or other vehicles to haul materials?  Will Look into that.  Trail was originally constructed in the early 90s and has fallen apart in recent years.   Erosion, especially at the top, is a problem. It was suggested that we use the Watershed Wheat Project money for the purchase of lime screenings and other materials for the construction of the natural material “Yellow River-like berms” needed for erosion control here. There was some agreement that a Fall build using the Luther CC members would be appropriate due to the size and scope of this project).

8. Club Clothing/Hats/Jerseys: Membership in IMBA might possibly allow us some discount if we want to have some club jerseys. It was moved by Doug and seconded by Benji to pay our club dues of $50.00 to IMBA for 2011-12. Unanimous vote.)

9. NordicQuest, the date for this event has not been set.

10. Pugsley World Championships wrap up:  It was agreed that DHPT needs to keep and support this event going into the future if the race director, Jes Reyerson, is unable to continue to run the event from Platteville.  It was fun, and we had very good participation in spite of some questionable weather and course conditions leading up to race day.  It was well done!

11. Other Items

Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by Kirk Johnson, recording secretary and treasurer