Monday, April 30, 2018

Driftless Discovery Run

Come to Northeast Iowa's bluff country, a place unlike anywhere else in the state, and perhaps the Midwest to run the off-road, single track trails of Van Peenen Memorial Park.

Van Peenen Memorial Park is one of Decorah’s 13 parks that make outdoor fun and staying fit a way of life in Winneshiek County. The trails are groomed, marked and ready for the more adventurous types like you.

This area is part of the outstanding 17-mile system of single-track mountain bike trails. Here is your chance to challenge your body by running them.

The parks were even cause to be mentioned in Men’s Journal magazines “52 Great American Weekends” feature. Enthusiasts drive in from all parts of the Midwest to enjoy these trails. Come see why!

On your adventure to Decorah as you experience our trail run, you will find our city’s premier campground, lush butterfly gardens, a scenic waterfall, the Upper Iowa River tubing and canoeing attractions, hiking, biking, and walking trails; not to mention the modern twist on Midwestern charmed business district where unique shops offer gifts and gear galore! But don't take our word for it...check it out!

-All runners in the 5k, 10k and 50k receive a nice piece of custom race swag; this year is a T-Shirt. Ultra-finishers receive a special gift. Other goodies rustled up from our super supporting businesses in town will be offered up in a general entry raffle. You must be present to win and pick up your prize.

All money goes into the event and any leftover money will be donated to the Northeast Iowa Montessori School and 25% is split between the Decorah Human Powered Trails (the creators and caretakers of the trails) and the Decorah Park and Rev.

All registrations are final but transferrable.

Crater 50k – 6AM start with cutoff being 3PM and no runner is allowed to start a 2nd loop after 11AM.

Meteor 10k & Basin 5k – Start immediately following the Lunar 1mile finish. Typically, this happens before 8:30AM.

Lunar 1mile – 8AM start, adults/parents can line the course to cheer on the little drifters on their run.
Start and Finish will be at the trail head of Van Peenen Park entrance on Quarry Hill Rd.

- There is one (1) aid station at the start/finish. The 5k passes the on-course aid station once, the 10k passes it twice and the 50k runners will have multiple aid stations along the course. Feel free to fuel your own race. We know you’ll take out anything you bring in so the trails stay beautifully rugged.

-All turns will be marked clearly for each race.

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Driftless Discovery Run

If you are interested in volunteering at the Driftless Discovery Run:

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trail Update 4/26/18

Hello All,
A bunch of the trails on the south side are really good and ride able, so get out and enjoy. On another note, a bunch of the trails have sustained damage from the heavy rains a few weeks back, when the frost wasn't out of the ground.  This caused major rut damage, small rivers right down the middle.
I went out today and fixed all of Public TV, which was probably the worst trail.  I think we may have a work day soon, but if you have some free time get out and vote with your shovel and get something that really matters taken care of. If you don't work, you shouldn't speak.
I know Rocky Road is really bad, Little Big Horn on both sides of GT Park and coming out of the cedars into the ravines are all in need of work.

If you fix a spot, please email the DHPT email list so everyone is on the same page with what has been fixed.
If you don't know how to fix it, look at these pictures.  All you need is a rouge hoe and a garden rake.

1st, shave both side of the trail toward the middle, trying to keep the blade and cut as close to the 
 natural grade of the land as possible.

2nd, after you get both sides shaved to the middle, walk back and forth to pack in.

3rd, Take the tines of the rake and smooth it out, walking down the middle again

4th, take the back side of the rake and smooth it out.

It is not hard, but it is work. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Time Trials Update #5

This spring has been a roller coaster of seasons combined into one, sometimes for a full 24 hours. We had our most epic dumping of snow on Wednesday, 4/18/18. Nearly 8 inches of snow fell during the day and into the evening hours. Granted, temps would be warming and snow would be melting....the spring thaw process has not fully finished.

With this we share the news that the 2018 Time Trials will be canceled.

Race Director, Ron Moffit made the call:
For only the second time in 28 years of the Decorah Time Trials, Mother Nature has decided to take a giant dump on this event (we were flooded out one other year). And so we sadly must cancel the 2018 Time Trails. While it’s not like us to cancel this thing due to bad weather. Heck we like watching you suffer out there. 

This spring (or should I say extended winter) has made it hard to predict what our trails will be like or if we can even get the work needed done on time for the race. I hope you all understand and will come down and ride these trails when the weather finally turns nice (I think sometime in July).

We will be back the last weekend of April 2019 (don’t ask me the date, that’s a year away) with more of the same crap you have learned to love (or hate).

Thanks for being understanding,

We are looking out for the trails as well as the safety of the riders. Our tardy spring weather and surprise winter snow is making it challenging to know what trail conditions will be. Obviously, in the past with Time Trials we have pushed forth and braved some gnarly conditions, but those times the trails were past the spring thaw process. Not quite the case for this spring season. 

Onward and forward!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Time Trials Update #4

Photo Credit- Nick Chill
The final countdown is on for the 28th annual Decorah Time Trials! Mother nature keeps things interesting as we continue with Time Trials prep.

Full course is going to be a little shorter than years prior.

Short course will be approximately 4 miles.

Full course entry fee- $25.00
Short course entry fee- $15.00
Kid's race- Free!

On-site registration starts at 10:00 a.m. at River Trail (across from Dunning's Spring Park sign.)You pick your starting spot in the lineup.

More details found here: Decorah Time Trials 2018

Those itching to pre-ride, we are not releasing course route details for a couple reasons.
#1. Trail conditions are not prime for folks pre-riding right now. (Thank you, nature!)
#2. It's uncertain of what conditions will be like the day of, and at this point, we want to ensure the integrity of the trails and if changes are going to be made last minute.There is no point of having a course released ahead of time.

Pretend it's Christmas! You wouldn't enjoy it as much if you knew what you were getting ahead of time. Know that the long course will be longer than the short course, you'll probably be climbing a lot of hills, and very likely having a fun time riding with fellow riders.

Another thank-you goes to T-Bock's for hosting our awards ceremony.
Always, we are so grateful to Decorah Parks and Recreation and for the wonderful volunteers who truly make the day special. Be sure to thank volunteers for their work, we all appreciate it!