Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trail Update 4/26/18

Hello All,
A bunch of the trails on the south side are really good and ride able, so get out and enjoy. On another note, a bunch of the trails have sustained damage from the heavy rains a few weeks back, when the frost wasn't out of the ground.  This caused major rut damage, small rivers right down the middle.
I went out today and fixed all of Public TV, which was probably the worst trail.  I think we may have a work day soon, but if you have some free time get out and vote with your shovel and get something that really matters taken care of. If you don't work, you shouldn't speak.
I know Rocky Road is really bad, Little Big Horn on both sides of GT Park and coming out of the cedars into the ravines are all in need of work.

If you fix a spot, please email the DHPT email list so everyone is on the same page with what has been fixed.
If you don't know how to fix it, look at these pictures.  All you need is a rouge hoe and a garden rake.

1st, shave both side of the trail toward the middle, trying to keep the blade and cut as close to the 
 natural grade of the land as possible.

2nd, after you get both sides shaved to the middle, walk back and forth to pack in.

3rd, Take the tines of the rake and smooth it out, walking down the middle again

4th, take the back side of the rake and smooth it out.

It is not hard, but it is work. Thanks for reading!