Saturday, September 26, 2020

DHPT News!

Firstly, This coming weekend we have the chance to directly influence what will be done up at carlson park. City planners and Park and Rec are hosting a community day at Carlson Park to get the input of the community on what should be done with Carlson. 

The date/times are:
Oct 2nd 4-6pm 
Oct 3rd 11am-2pm

NOW is the time we need all trail users to go up there and make a big impact. So wether you are a mountain biker, hiker, trail runner, rock placer, bird watcher, xc skier, snow shoer, fatbiker, or general outdoor enthusiast get up there and tell these people that off-road, soft trails are what needs to happen up there. Seriously, this weekend will be the time to determine what will be happening in that park for years to come. So get up there!

Come to the trailhead and you will be directed from there 
*If you cannot join either day and you have seen the park already, you can input comments to Andy via email.

Secondly, As we discussed at the last DHPT meeting the trail extension of Gunnar to the start of Little Big Horn was approved by P&R. I think it will be best to get this trail done quickly this fall so it can be packed in for winter and ready to rip for the spring. The trail is marked out and Gary did a little mowing to see more clearly where the trail will be going. A small group will head up there next weekend and determine where all the in/outs and finalize where the trail will be.Take a peek next time you are up there. Then we will have a work day on Oct 10 @ 9am up at the Van Peenen parking lot. Come for the whole thing or just come for an hour or two. All help is welcome - many hands makes for light work. I will have refreshments and food for lunch provided by thrivent financial for those that hang around all day.

Lastly, DHPT meeting scheduled for Oct 6th @ 7pm at the Whalen cabin (just past Phelps park)

Busy week for trail users. NOW is your chance to get involved!

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