Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Thaw Update #1

We went out to scope trails in Van Peenen this morning (Sunday, March 25th 2018) when temps were around 26 degrees. As you can see, things are still on the fritz when it comes to Spring Thaw conditions.

IPT has a lot of ice cover (to be expected) and it wouldn't be surprising if it were closer to the middle of April until things shape up (considering our current weather pattern.)

Temps are still going down into the freezing temps at night and warming up during the day- this means frost is still coming out of the ground in many areas.

Not too much damage from bike and foot traffic, but you can tell there have been users out in less than ideal conditions. A lot of pock-marks from deer hooves. You'll have a bumpy ride no matter what.

We have an album up on Facebook for Van Peenen (so far.)

We are not going to waste our time with daily checks at this point. With thick ice in spots, it's not going to change an awful lot in a single day.

One of our trail checkers reported that Dunnings was shaping up on a couple trails, but the majority still had some ice and/or were soft in above freezing temps.

Long story short- unless you ride our trails in the morning while temps are still below 34 degrees, please respect them and stay off until they have firmed up.

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