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 Pugsley World Championships -- Saturday, March 7, 2015

The 5th Anniversary installment of the Pugsley World Championships... A World Class cycling event!

Pugsley Worlds is a Free Will Donation event with NO Pre-Registration required. How cool is that? AND, so that a TRUE WORLD CHAMPION can be crowned, we have an OPEN FIELD, no limits (in SO many ways)! Please indicate if you plan to attend by "Going" on Facebook. "Maybe" is good too... "Going" is better!

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As a bonus... the Oneota Film Festival is the same weekend... With films from around the World, including "Rad Company"!rad-company/c1z8s Stay all weekend!

Depending on race day conditions, the course may be a combination of gravel roads, paved trails, snowmobile trails and single track. It may vary in length from 30-plus miles (on gravel) to something less than that if single track conditions are favorable. Our preference is for single track racing as Decorah has the best single track in the upper Midwest. The race directors will set the course the day ahead of the race. Race directors say, "Plan for tough."

Registration at the Courtyard and Cellar from 9:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.

Racers roll out to the start line from the Courtyard at 10:45. Race start at 11:00 a.m.

First Place Open Race takes home $501.00 in cold hard cash and the coveted Golden Axe Trophy.

Make no mistake... This is a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP event... with a larger winner's purse than the U.S. National Fat-Bike Championships held the same day somewhere in Wisconsin!

Additional prizes totaling more than $501.00 for Men and Women are guaranteed. In fact, We'll be giving away more than 1,002.00 in cash and prizes willy-nilly! It'll be seriously crazy.

Any bike can participate, HOWEVER - Only bikes with tires size 3.5 and larger are eligible to win and place.

Post-Race awards ceremony will commence at the Cellar when the last rider is in. The all-important Pugsley World Championship "Feats of Strength" follow the race awards. You should stick around for those.

2013 - Write Up:

2013 Pics:

The 3rd installment of the Pugsley World Championships.

Decorah, IA - February 23, 2013

Men Finishers
1st place $500
2nd place $250
3rd place $100

Women Finishers
1st Place $150
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $50

The Championship Axe will be on the line.

Rules are the same. You can ride whatever bike you want, however only Fat-Bikes are eligible to win. Any Fat-Bike, obviously your Pugsleys, but also your 9:ZERO:7s, your MuckLucks, FatBacks, NorthPaws, Moonlanders, Tatankas, Salamaders, Huskerdus, Huskerdonts with or with out the whistle stick... get the idea?

Probably not Krampus... those things are too scary

Registration and post race celebration will be held at the Decorah Elks Lodge.

402 W Main Street
Decorah, IA 52101

Registration: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Race Start: 11:00 a.m.

Awards 5:30 p.m.

World Champion Contest to start at Dark.

Previous PWC

Pugsley World Championships 2012

The Date is Set.  Registration information will be announced one month before the event.

This is not a Pugsley Only event.  All Bikes are Welcome.  Only Fat Bikes are eligible to win.

The PWC consists of a race and other fat bike events.  

The 2011 Race Winner took home $500.00.

Trophies to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The Pugsley World Champion took home a Traveling Trophy.

More info on 2012 to come in 2012.


Dave Lunz        Click for Photos       Greg Smith

PWC 2011 Hardware

The Starting Line

Simply Genious

A little over 2 miles into the ride

Road crossing #1

Self Proclaimed King of the Hill Champ Dave Lunz and the 2011 PWC Jeff Freidhof
That plunger is not a trophy, and has nothing to do with the event

4 of the top 5 finishers warming up.  Trevor Rockwell, Hollywood, Ezra, Shockey, and that tall guy from Surly

Starting line by Michael Campbell
Starting line by Michael Campbell
Starting line by Michael Campbell
Starting line by Michael Campbell
King of the Hill by Michael Campbell
King of the Hill by Michael Campbell
King of the Hill by Michael Campbell
King of the Hill by Michael Campbell
King of the Hill by Michael Campbell
King of the Hill Tie Breaker
Back to the bottom

Special Thanks to all those who made this thing possible.
Thanks to The Drift Runners Snowmobile Club for allowing this race to take place on their trail system
Thanks to Deke Gosen and Oneota River Cycles for the Trophy Workshop
Thanks to Surly for Starting and inspiring the Fat Bike Revolution
Thanks to the Oaks Steakhouse for letting us get as rowdy as we usually do
Thanks to Lee Captain Hackman for planning and following the course
Thanks to Eric Clement for buying a whole bunch of post race food and beverages
Thanks to everyone who came and raced the event.  Trevor Rockwell, Jay Hollywood Henderson, Charlie Tri, Ez Taylor, Ben shockey, Jack Donovan, Eric Clement, Ron Moffit, Terry Hovden, Chad Wilson, Ward Budweg, Marty Larson, Joe Kisley, Jeff Friedhof, and those who participated but didn't register...
Thanks to Shockey and the Oaks for $1.50 High Life Tall Boys
Thanks Sov for the use of the Bullhorn
Thanks Michael Campbel, Dave Lunz and Greg Smith for photo journaling the whole thing

Hope to see you again next year

For the 2011 Event Results, Please See Below:

There will be a halfway point Check In at Ridgeway Iowa
And a sag wagon for those participants who can't or don't want to finish.

This is a destination race, 
We will have people who can drive your vehicle from the starting line to the Finish 
so it will be there when you arrive if you want.  If not we'll have someone give you a ride back to your vehicle or you can figure out a way to get to the start from the finish.

The Oaks will have a space open to store stuff when you get to the finish line.  
It will be open from 8:30 to 9:30 for you to stash a bag of clothes or whatever you want for the finish.
The bar will be open at 12:30.
You will be able to order Mabe's Pizza from 12:30 until 2:30
At 2:30 the Grill is open.

The Finish is here:

Oaks Steakhouse  
1101 Highway 9 W, Decorah, IA 52101-2409
(563) 387-0300 ‎
DirectionsSearch nearbySave to...more▼
Category: Steak House

Registration and the Start is very close to here:

County of Howard: Weed Commissioner‎
11562 Valley Avenue
Cresco, IA 52136-8205

Race Director Phone: 563-419-1548 in case you get lost, have questions, or want to booty call some body.

OH Yeah, Almost forgot.  Winner get $500.00 which is not nearly as cool as a chain ring hatchet.

PWC Trophies
The top 3 place winners will be thrown into a pit 
and forced to battle each other with the Trophies they've won.  

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The 2011 Pugsley World Championships.

 Participants can ride any Fat Tire bike (Fatback, Mukluk), You do not need to ride a Pugsley.
 The World Championships will consist of a Snow Trail Race, and a series of Pugsley Inspired Events.
All Official Events will take place on Saturday, February 26 with a Race Start Time of 10:00 a.m.

More information to come

If Vikings rode Bikes, Those Bikes would have been Pugsleys.

More information about the course. It might be Snow. It might be Ice. It might be Mud. We didn't call this thing a Snow Race. We didn't call this thing an Ice Race. We didn't call this thing a Mud Race. Hell, we didn't even call it a Bike Race. It a Pugsley Event.

And a good thing it is a Pugsley Event.  Because it might be muddy.  It might be snowy.  It might be Icy. If that doesn't sound fun, please stay home.  Any whiners will be beaten with the trophy.

A little history of how this thing started. Me and a couple of buddies were riding around one lovely afternoon and decided to go off trail and check out a new area. 2 of us were riding Pugsleys, the other a regular single speed rigid.  He was impressed with the capability of the Pugsleys.  He asked "Why isn't there a Pugsley World Championship?"  I said "I dunno."  He said "Make that happen Reyerson."  I said "Ok".

Race starts at 10:30. Registration will be day of. Registration place is to be determined.

The Course is 26.3 miles - give or take.
Google Map of the Course

First Place = $500.00 and a Large Hatchet

Second Place = a Medium Hatchet and a First Loser medal

Third Place = a Small Hatchet and a take down contest with Jeff O'Gara

The Pugsley Championships will follow after the Race.

Figure 8 Teeter Totter Challenge
King of the Hill
Mystery Event

The finish line is the Oaks Steak House. There will be $2 High Life Tall Boys. Thanks Shockey.

There is an inexpensive hotel at The Oaks - the Bluffs Inn. Here's the website:
There is also a Country Inn across the street.

More info to come as soon as I make it up.

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