Thursday, April 19, 2018

Time Trials Update #5

This spring has been a roller coaster of seasons combined into one, sometimes for a full 24 hours. We had our most epic dumping of snow on Wednesday, 4/18/18. Nearly 8 inches of snow fell during the day and into the evening hours. Granted, temps would be warming and snow would be melting....the spring thaw process has not fully finished.

With this we share the news that the 2018 Time Trials will be canceled.

Race Director, Ron Moffit made the call:
For only the second time in 28 years of the Decorah Time Trials, Mother Nature has decided to take a giant dump on this event (we were flooded out one other year). And so we sadly must cancel the 2018 Time Trails. While it’s not like us to cancel this thing due to bad weather. Heck we like watching you suffer out there. 

This spring (or should I say extended winter) has made it hard to predict what our trails will be like or if we can even get the work needed done on time for the race. I hope you all understand and will come down and ride these trails when the weather finally turns nice (I think sometime in July).

We will be back the last weekend of April 2019 (don’t ask me the date, that’s a year away) with more of the same crap you have learned to love (or hate).

Thanks for being understanding,

We are looking out for the trails as well as the safety of the riders. Our tardy spring weather and surprise winter snow is making it challenging to know what trail conditions will be. Obviously, in the past with Time Trials we have pushed forth and braved some gnarly conditions, but those times the trails were past the spring thaw process. Not quite the case for this spring season. 

Onward and forward!

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