Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Time Trials Update #4

Photo Credit- Nick Chill
The final countdown is on for the 28th annual Decorah Time Trials! Mother nature keeps things interesting as we continue with Time Trials prep.

Full course is going to be a little shorter than years prior.

Short course will be approximately 4 miles.

Full course entry fee- $25.00
Short course entry fee- $15.00
Kid's race- Free!

On-site registration starts at 10:00 a.m. at River Trail (across from Dunning's Spring Park sign.)You pick your starting spot in the lineup.

More details found here: Decorah Time Trials 2018

Those itching to pre-ride, we are not releasing course route details for a couple reasons.
#1. Trail conditions are not prime for folks pre-riding right now. (Thank you, nature!)
#2. It's uncertain of what conditions will be like the day of, and at this point, we want to ensure the integrity of the trails and if changes are going to be made last minute.There is no point of having a course released ahead of time.

Pretend it's Christmas! You wouldn't enjoy it as much if you knew what you were getting ahead of time. Know that the long course will be longer than the short course, you'll probably be climbing a lot of hills, and very likely having a fun time riding with fellow riders.

Another thank-you goes to T-Bock's for hosting our awards ceremony.
Always, we are so grateful to Decorah Parks and Recreation and for the wonderful volunteers who truly make the day special. Be sure to thank volunteers for their work, we all appreciate it!

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