Thursday, March 1, 2018

Next Meeting & Trail Update

The next meeting for DHPT will be held at T-Bock's on Tuesday, March 6th at 7 p.m. We will be *upstairs* for the meeting. You'll have to plan ahead if you want to eat/drink as there will not be service upstairs. Bus your dishes, tidy up, and please do not move any tables as the floor can be scratched easily.

On the agenda as of 3/1/18
DDTR update
Carlson Property Update
Fundraising Update
Social Media Update

MTB Trail Use Update:
We're experiencing spring thaw conditions at this time. No trail riding is being done by administrators of the Decorah Mountain Bike Trails page. A great read about the affects of riding of soft trails due to thaw conditions can be found here, (it is winter-riding based, but the thaw portion applies!) Trail conditions like this apply to all users, be on 2 wheels or foot.

Please note that Decorah Bicycles will *not* rent out mountain bikes for trail riding while spring thaw conditions apply.

Using the Trails Page as a resource to point folks to curious about if our trails are "closed" is ideal. Once temps stay consistent, updates will happen. Until then, bog down on peanut butter gravels or find some pavement to grind!

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