Friday, September 13, 2013

DHPT Strava Course

The DHPT Strava course is now officially up and running.

Here is a link explaining how strava works:

The DHPT Strava course starts at The Luge.  Follow all of the Strava stickers placed on the brown fiberglass trail name poles.  Also look for white arrows on the pole signifying the direction of the next trail.  If there is an area with no signs around, look for an orange paint marking on a tree or an orange arrow.

The Strava course ends at the bottom of Boa, across from the parking lot on Ice Cave road.

Have strava up on your phone, in the record setting at the bottom left of your screen.  Start at the Luge, push stop at the end of Boa, then hit the checkered flag button to name the ride and save to strava.

Here is the Strava Course:

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