Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Time Trial Enduro of the Year

Yes, that is right and it is about Damn time.  We will be having our first Time Trial Enduro of the year next Tuesday, May 14th.  The location will be the infamous Pugsley Pit, teams will start to assemble at 6:30.  I will bring my usual brats, you bring me some Beer.

It is supposed to be a great day, so get out and ride your bike.


May Meeting Minutes

Here is a brief rundown of the meeting Monday night, May 6, 2013, at Toppling Goliath from Marty Grimm

Re: time trials
A)     Suggestions were made to change the classes.  Need additional classes beyond the 47+.  Perhaps make the classes 3-4 years rather than 2 year intervals.

B)      It was noted that we will eliminate the separation of overall male and female winner from the class placement.  Ie, if you are overall winner, you also win your class.

C)      We need to either stop the loitering in death valley, or DNF those riders who hold up the race and the volunteers working at the finish line.

D)     Need to uphold the agreement with upper level DHPT sponsors by including their logo on race material and banners.

Re: Other
A)     Marty Grimm suggested that DHPT do a ‘Trail Conditions Report’ on KPVL Community Radio.  Details of who and how need to be worked out.  He will present this idea to KPVL at the next meeting.

Thanks, Marty, for taking the minutes! kj