Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garlic Mustard Days of Destruction!

Dear Friends of the environment,

A reminder about our big garlic mustard events.  Mary Lewis just came back from flagging spots in Palisades we need to look at, with good news.  There is less than she expected, due to efforts from volunteers like you in previous years.  So we are definitely making progress!  The ground is thawed, it looks like we'll have good weather, in the 40's, and only a small chance of rain. 

(Special note to the group of Unitarians who have adopted Twin Springs: You will be getting another message about how the GM has not progressed so rapidly at Twin Springs, so the digging and pulling has been postponed until April 21.)

Here's the Info: 

Spring  is taking it’s time but the garlic mustard isn’t.  Here’s a reminder of our plans for destruction, hope you can join in.

Garlic mustard Days of Destruction!

Here are the gatherings that the new organization, Friends of Decorah Parks is planning.

Palisades park:  go on the gravel road past the entrance to the end of the road.
When: Sat. April 13  9:00-noon,  April 20  9:00-noon
Plan to arrive not later than 10, as we may be moving to other locations.
Bring gloves.  We’ll have hand diggers and hoes, but we could use more hoes.

If you’ve come in the past, we need your experience.  If not, we need your help. 
We need a lot of eyes out there.  

FoDP will plan events in other parks.  We also encourage you to think about adopting a plot.  

This is a great way to learn about this invasive, how to stop it, and have the immediate satisfaction of helping to save our parks.  

Send us a message if you’d like to be involved, or just show up.   Also if you know which day you can come, that would be nice to know.
If you have questions, contact Ellen Macdonald  419-0339

Thanks for your support!

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