Friday, March 8, 2013

March 2013 Meeting Minutes

T-Bocks Sports Bar and Grill
Monday, March 4, 2013

7:00 p.m. Call to Order

Roll Call: Kirk Johnson, Deke Gosen, Lee Hackman, Jef O’Gara, Pete Blodgett, Harlan Satrom, Lars Hovden, Jim Tripp.

Treasurer’s Report
$3,006.82 in Judy’s Park and Rec DHPT Account
$881.03 in the checkbook (with $255.00 from Pugsley Worlds)   

First new sponsor for 2013 is Decorah Bank and Trust.  We need to look into creating a new sticker for the trailer (front or rear) for the sponsor (measure the open space and create the logo for application.

Minutes from the Last Meeting: motion to approve, Lars, Second, Lee; All ayes.

Reports of Officers, and Committees
Unfinished Business
1.     Iowa Bike Coalition Meeting – nothing here
2.     Trail Clarity and Signage – lots of discussion here. It was suggested that we create some smaller maps at critical junctions in the parks so that hikers and those unfamiliar with the trails might find it easier to navigate and find exits. Preliminary list should be revisited for more discussion next month after Deke has time to “map the junctions.” We will need to run this idea past the Park and Rec Department for their approval before proceeding.

1.Entrance to Boa (at the “T”)
2.Top of Boa.
3.Top of Wold’s
4. Top of Palisades
5. Bottom of Palisades
6. Public Television (entrance)
7. Fred’s/First Right/(on Rocky Road)
8. Intersection of Dust Bowl/Horsey
9. West side of Pines
10. Death Valley
11. Rattlesnake, Backside convergence etc…
12. Larson’s Loop (ask landowners)
13. Mark Dunnings for Walkers only @ Wold’s Circle.
14. Top of Cross Country/Old Randy’s
15. $200 pledge to help pay for these markers from Harlan Satrom.

3.     2013 Pugsley Worlds – Saturday Feb. 23rd, 2013. (Event went well.)
4.     Updated e-mail list.  – nothing here.
5.     Trail Manager for 2013 – Jim accepted the position and would like some assistance from a paid helper. Luther student Nick Pearch has expressed interest in the job.  General agreement.

New Business
1.    Fundraising/Sponsorships for 2013 – formally ask Justin Gullekson, John Wilmes, and Troy Whitehill to take on the fundraising/sponsorship drive for 2013 as they did a great job last year.
2.    Trail work for 2013 – some discussion on chainsaw safety. No resolution
3.    Time Trials – added a kids race to the event. Sunday Brunch at Pugsley Pit.  Need to talk to landowner re: Time Trial Start area.
4.    Other Items


*1st Monday of each month is DHPT Meeting Night.
*2nd Tuesday of each month is TT or Enduro. (as long as the weather permits!)
*4th Wednesday of each month is TT or Enduro. (as long as the weather permits!)

Upcoming races/events:

Saturday, April 27, 2013 --- Decorah Time Trials
Start Race at 2:00 p.m. Done by 6:00 p.m.  Sunday will be a fun club ride day for anyone staying over after Saturday’s race.

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