Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winner Spinner Chicken Dinner

Ride videos.

Hey all.  Did you know that there is riding outside of Decorah?  I know Right!?!  In case you've been wondering where I'm riding lately (and you probably have not) here is a few short videos of a few short rides last year in Platteville, WI.  If you haven't been, there is a little race called the Blockhouse Roll coming up in the fall.  I even saw this in the local bike shop, Momentum Bikes and Boards.  Tim wasn't sure of the year.

Nice people here too, and I'll be bringing a crew of these fine cheese loving, beer drinking, brat grilling, bike riding folks to Decorah a few times this summer.  Don't worry, I'll warn you first.


Hirsch Farm July 3 movie from Jes Reyerson on Vimeo.

Krampus Chase from Jes Reyerson on Vimeo.

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