Monday, October 22, 2012

DHPT October Meeting Minutes

Roll Call: Jeff Ogara, Lee Hackman, Peter Blodgett, Jono, Deke Gosen, Lars Hovden, Jeff Freidhof, and Justin Ratzlaff
Minutes Approved
Trail Building:
·         Snail Trail
o   Completed
o   Some fine tuning left to do
·         New Randy’s
o   Talk about reworking bottom
o   Need volunteers to do this
Scan Bars:
·         Received 100 stickers for $150
·         Need remaining trails
o   Log Jam
o   Snail Trail
o   Backbone
o   Mother’s Day Pass
Popup Tent:
·         General consensus to get popup tent vs tie down
·         Option between 10’x10’ or 15’x15’
o   Could start with 10x10 and get another 10x10 if needed
Night Race:
·         Setup at bridge corner
·         Set course up that day
·         Start 7:00 pm 10/13/12
·         Registration 6:00 pm
·         Lee is doing traffic control
·         May need grills for food
·         Prizes: $200, Justin is also getting prizes
·         Are here
·         Give Hats to Sponsors
o   Motioned by Jeff F. Seconded by Deke
·         50 ordered. We can order more when ready and add text to back of hat
Pugsley World:
·         Jessy is going to run it. It’s going to happen.
New Business:
·         Joining ICORR. Motioned by Lars seconded by Jeff Ogara
·         Logo- what should our logo be. Stay with current one or update
·         Snow blower for winter riding. Good idea, but need more info. Table till next meeting

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