Monday, August 27, 2012

Time Trial This Wednesday 6:30 Pugsley Pit

Yes it is true, this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. we will be having a time trial at the Pugsley Pit on Public Television. Come one come all, but don't come unless you bring something to drink. I will bring something to eat, because that's what I do. See you then.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tuesday Night Time Trial

That's right, it has been a while but it is time for another Time Trial. We will meet at the Van Peenen fire pit this Tuesday, August 14th at 6:30. I will have some brats and beer, but more is always better. We will be doing a course with some BB Gun flair. Don't miss out it should be some good fun, unless someone get's their eye shot out, then it will be hilarious.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August DHPT Meeting Minutes

8-6-12 DHPT meeting (minutes by Wilmes in substitution of Kirk)

Call to Order

Present: Lars Hovden, John Wilmes, Doug Osborne, Jeff Friedhof, Pete Blodgett, Jim Tripp, Cap’n, Deke

Motion by Blodgett to approve last meeting’s minutes


Elks safety night – low turnout. Probably due to rain. Need to reassess our involvement in this next year. Discussion about whether it fits into our mission statement.

            Interbike – Cap’n is going and someone else.

Finance – balance is $5995.63. New donors are Gundersen, Mabes/Oaks, Family Table. Discussion about having a winter meeting at Family Table. John will look into whether thank you cards were sent. John and Troy Whitehill will hang the new sponsorship signs

New Business:

Discussion of hats, shirts, jerseys. Motion by Cap’n to order 30 hats with DHPT log. Second by Lars. Mark-up TBD

Tech Stuff: Lars is working on a QR reader/trail app. It’s a long process…

Maps: Discussion of a “you are here” and/or color coded signage system on trails

Nordic Quest Run: Friedhof and his buddies are doing a 15k continuous trail run last weekend in Aug. Doubts exist as to whether it will be an official function or not.

Pop up tent: Deke says he will look into this

Trailer wheel blocks: $50 tires. Unknown price on trailer wheel blocks. General consensus was to not pursue this.

Upcoming races/events:
            23rd Sept: Blockhouse in Platteville
            29th Sept: Nightshift
            31st Oct: Sugarbottom Halloween Ride
            15th Dec: Snowbike in Platteville
Trailer: We FUBAR’ed efforts to get the trailer into Nordic Fest parade. Will be better about that next yr. Friedhof says he’ll take the initiative. Discussed additional signage on trailer (or truck pulling trailer) for new sponsors.

Trail Building/maintenance: 

            Motion by Deke to prioritize as follows:
1.      Old Randy’s is eroding, new Randy’s is tough. There’s room to “blend” the ends of both trails. This would be sweet.
2.      Clean up log jam
3.      Shoring up stuff (an ongoing project suggested by Jim)
4.      BOA. Its tough. Nobody rides up it. Something needs to happen.

The big workday is set for Aug 23rd. Will decide at next meeting what needs to happen on the trails after aug 23rd.

            Trail Recognition

                        We are currently IMBA members @ $50/yr

We want to get Hansi Johnson to ride our trails with the ultimate goal of becoming an IMBA destination.

Discussion of buying Hansi a hotel/meal to come check it out. Motion by Friedhoff to e-mail him an invite (not promise free stay). Second by Doug. All in favor.

Time Trials:  Deke ad OGara are in charge of TT next Tue the 14th. Sounds like
(air) gunplay could be involved. Wow.

Motion to adjourn by Pete, second Wilmes. Pass.