Monday, July 2, 2012

Meeting Agenda for Monday, July 12, 2012

Meeting Agenda
Decorah Human Powered Trails
Toppling Goliath
Monday, July 2, 2012

8:00 p.m. Call to Order

Roll Call

Treasurer’s Report

Approval of Minutes

Reports of Officers, and Committees:
1. Dirt Burger wrap-up.

Unfinished Business
1. Fundraising and sponsorships for 2012. 
Report from Justin G.: For the upcoming meeting, here is a progress report on responses to our mailing so far. See attachment. (I’ll have copies at the meeting, K.J.)
John, Troy, and I each have some people to call:
Justin: River & Trail Outfitters, Walmart, Quality Bike Products, T. G. Home Improvement
Troy: Oneota River Cycles, Java Johns, Edward Jones, Klocke Contractors, InFasTech
John: Surly, Inspired, Oneota P. T.

Regarding the sponsorship signs in the Kiosks…
We need to put up the new ones that include the current sponsors.
Troy, John – how about if we get together after work on Monday, July 9 and take a look at those?
Also, regarding thank you notes… I can take care of those from my office. J.G.
            2. Trail building and maintenance for 2012.
3. Nordic Quest.
4. Scan bar icons” on the kiosks.
5. Heavy duty “Pop-Up Tent” for events with our DHPT Logo on it.
6. Trailer wheel blocks.

New Business
Nordic Fest Parade
Elks bike safety meeting for kids on July 18th at the Elks Club.

*1st Monday of each month is DHPT Meeting Night.
*2nd Tuesday of each month is TT or Enduro.
*4th Wednesday of each month is TT or Enduro.

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