Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
Decorah Human Powered Trails
Toppling Goliath
Monday, July 2, 2012

8:00 p.m. Call to Order

Roll Call: Ward Budweg, Deke Gosen, Jeff O’Gara, Doug Osborn, Benji Nichols, Pete Blodgett, Lee Hackman, Lars Hovden, Kirk Johnson.

Treasurer’s Report Treasurer’s report: $5,395.41(plus) in our Park and Rec. Acct.  ($624 of that is from Toppling Goliath’s Watershed Wheat Project). Judy is on vacation so I was unable to get our current Park and Rec Acct. Balance.  It is greater than the amount reported from last month due to more recent sponsorship contributions.   $969.96 in the club checkbook.

Deke was reimbursed $100 for the Dirt Burger pig.
Jes Ryerson will be paid $100 for past web costs.

Approval of Minutes

Reports of Officers, and Committees:
Dirt Burger wrap-up: Event was fine. Group ride was small. Lacking a few of the regulars this year. Maybe plan a few more events so things are not so loose.

Unfinished Business
1. Fundraising and sponsorships for 2012. 
Report from Justin G.: For the upcoming meeting, here is a progress report on responses to our mailing so far. (Copies of contributors and amounts were distributed)
John, Troy, and I each have some people to call:
Justin: River & Trail Outfitters, Walmart, Quality Bike Products, T. G. Home Improvement
Troy: Oneota River Cycles, Java Johns, Edward Jones, Klocke Contractors, InFasTech
John: Surly, Inspired, Oneota P. T.

Regarding the sponsorship signs in the Kiosks…
We need to put up the new ones that include the current sponsors.
Troy, John – how about if we get together after work on Monday, July 9 and take a look at those?
Also, regarding thank you notes… I can take care of those from my office. J.G.
2. Trail building and maintenance for 2012: Boa looks great. Fred is getting a re-do at the hairpin.  Need some moisture soon to pack things in. Kudos to Kyle Windquist for all his hard work. We are missing two of our brown fiberglass trail markers (“Old Randy’s” and “Middle Mother’s Day” posts are missing) Public Television stickers are on order.  E-mail Jim Tripp to give him a heads up if you notice trees down or trails that need work.  Julia and Gunnar have trees down right now.

3. Nordic Quest: Will be held (pending Park and Rec approval) on September 2, 2012, the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. We’ll have a 15 k loop, and a 30k double loop on the same course in Van Peenan and Ice Cave.  We have a mapped 15 k course that does not cross itself or any traffic/roads that starts and finishes at the top of Van Peenan. EMTs, PortaJohns and timing are all taken care of. We will mark the route with a NordicQuest sticker (Jeff Freidhoff designed a nifty logo) on the trail signs.

4. Scan bar “icons” on the kiosks: The icons are everywhere except River Trail. If you have a smart phone you can download the map with the icon scanned. There was some discussion about working more on this to make it more “You are Here!” friendly.  That will take some time.  There was some discussion on compensating Lars Hovden for the time he is spending on this project. As far as we know, nobody else is doing this kind of thing on bike trails. We will need a server to hold the data if we proceed further. It was agreed to keep working on it.

5. Heavy duty “Pop-Up Tent” for events with our DHPT Logo on it.: Deke will look into getting a large pop-up DHPT Logo tent.  He’ll contact LaCrosse Tent and Awning and get prices for a 10’x10’ (or the largest “pop-up” available!) Logo will be on all four sides. Black tent with white Logos.

6. Trailer wheel blocks: Need to get 4 patio blocks for parking the trailer.  Need to check with the current landowner to make sure it’s OK to leave the trailer there for the time being.

New Business

1. Nordic Fest Parade: If anyone wants to do it…. Do it.  Some discussion on promoting the NordicQuest Trail Run at Nordic Fest’s Elvelopet.  Can we get a flyer ready for the race packets? Check with Jeff to see what he thinks and how he’d like to promote it.

Elks bike safety meeting for kids on Wednesday, July 18th at the Elks Club. Need members there with pumps and chain lube to do “safety checks” on bikes.  Fill up tires, oil chains, hand out safety brochures. No tune ups, but offer advice on whether or not a bike is safe, and encourage owners to go to the local bike shops with their bikes in need of work. Ward will contact Police Chief Bill Nixon and organize and promote the event. Deke has a slew of reflectors.  Some discussion on giving lights away. DHPT will contribute up to $250 for some helmets to give away (Sov will contact Lazer Helmets).


NEXT TUESDAY July 10th: NIGHT GRAVEL RIDE to Bluffton and back. Meet at Oneota River Cycles at 7:00 p.m.  We’ll ride off into the sunset… and ride back in the dark!

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