Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Time Trilas Course

Here is the course for this years time trials.

Start on Ice Cave rd. Go up Boa
Left on Wolds
Right onto Lower Mothers Day
Left onto Boa
Right on Upper Ice Cave
Left Captains
Left, followed by quick right on Upper Ice Cave
Left onto Upper Mothers Day
Right onto Wolds
Left Upper Ice Cave
Straight onto Backside
Left on Cross Country
Right Old Randy's into Death Valley
Up Rocky Road
Left on Fred's Back into Death Valley
Up New Randy's
Across to Rattlesnake Cave
Cross over Ice Cave road
Vere right onto River Trail to the finish on West River Trail parking lot

1 comment:

Blue Turtle said...

The trail looks like a maze. This looks very challenging. What's the record time ever?

J. Harp
writer @ diamondback mountain bike reviews