Friday, March 23, 2012

Decorah Time Trials just a month away...

It may be worth noting a couple of things:

1) Spinner just gave me access to start posting to Bike Decorah - you can direct complaints to him, if you can find him somewhere east of the Mississippi.

2) 22nd Annual Decorah Time Trials are coming up in just over a month (Sunday, April 29). Register HERE by April 1st if you would like to be able to pick your start time and get in on the rad water bottles - otherwise just show up and peddle hard. The trails are already shaping up amazingly for this early in the year - so no excuses. Registration/Pick-up on site begins at 8:30am on Sunday, April 29. Click here for all the details!

3) I'm working on an un-official Surly broken-chain-on-the-trail carrying device... this is the prototype thus far... Now get out there and enjoy the ride!!!

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