Monday, January 2, 2012

NYD Aftermath and some other stuff

50 mph head winds.  Every ride the rest of the year will get easier.  Here's some pics from the past week.  Some of the NYD ride, some of Puppys on bike trails, some of the Osborn's Heli Skiing trip to B.C.  



Ken said...

Guido said...

this looks like you had a fun day out! nice bikes! i do cross-country-biking myself as well, in fact i have a 60 kilometer bikeride crosscountry in the netherlands on the 15th, it'll be my second ride this month, and forecast tells that it's gonna be a chilly event! wouldn't want it any other way. if everything goes the way i want it, my garmin forerunner 305 gps receiver will record the entire trip! it's gonna be awesome! btw, check out my site and leave a comment as well: thanks for reading and i'm gonna follow your blog.

cheers, guido