Monday, May 23, 2011

Time Trial Enduro, Tue. May 24th 6:30

This will be the first ever time trial enduro. The enduro format will consist of 2-4 man teams, where each member must do at least one lap of the designated course. The teams will be picked before the start of the race. The team with the most laps in the set amount of time wins.

Meet at the fire pit in Van Peenen park. I will have brats, bring your favorite beverage.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monthly Time Trial

It is pouring buckets now, but tomorrow is supposed to be 83 degrees and partly sunny.

It is going to be a perfect evening for our Tuesday Time Trial.

Starting at 6:30 from the GLORY HOLE, leaving in 1 minute intervals. If you can't make it until later we will start you when ever you get there.

I will provide the brats and a few cans of beer, more beer is always appreciated.

2011 Time Trials Results

For a complete List of all Result for the 2011 Time Trials:  Click Here

Monday, May 2, 2011

time trials photos

mostly locals and some of our good friends. photos courtesy of julie shockey.


how death valley got its name...

dave lunz, meet wwe superstar jesse reyerson...

I thought I would just add my version of the story.  It's been a little known fact that I'm so fast on a mtn bike that I've driven the spectators to become hectators.  While they may cheer you as you race by, they are bound and determined to bring me down.  And this year they failed...

Here I am, JRA - enjoying the weather and a lovely day for a bike race.

 Uh Oh!  As I gingerly ride around a corner and into the valley, the Hectators decide that it would be a good day to tackle me.

 I tried to ride right over them, but believe it or not, they were too tall.

 First thing First, foot sweep the redneck Gus White and take him out of the equation.
Step 2: go after the bike thief.

 Once you catch said bike thief, grab him by the throat, lift him over your head, and choke slam him straight to hell.  That's where bike theives belong.  Even good humored fun loving ones in broad daylight in the middle of a bike race.  That'll Teach him.
Until next year, I'm sure.

There should be another picture here, but I think once everyone witnessed the impact, some sort of ethical responsibility and whispers of profanity took over and they stopped taking pictures.

But don't worry.
No Dave Lunzes were harmed in the making of this blog post.