Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saturday - Pot Luck - December Meeting & Dec 17 FrostCHESTER

Hey All

This Saturday (Dec. 10) we will hold the December meeting as one big happy family above Oneota River Cycles.

Pot-Luck Style.  Feel free to bring food - I'll be impressed if we end up with something other than equally large piles of High Life and Doritos, but it will be a pot luck none the less.

And for you fat bike loving freaks (such as myself) - FROSTCHESTER - is the first of an annual event that we will be holding here in Rochester.  All you need is a fat bike or someone who has one and how to have a good time outside in the ice and snow.

It will be more of an end of the 2011 season gathering - with a few business items to talk about.  I haven't been to town in about a month, but the snow is on the ground in Minnesota.  If you were thinking about taking up snowboarding this winter - keep in mind - bikes are faster.  Any bets on if Doug could take this guy on skis?

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