Monday, October 31, 2011

November DHPT Meeting - Nov. 1, 2011 7:00 PM Oaks Steak House

The November DHPT meeting will be held 7 pm Tuesday November 1 at the Oaks

Accomplishments of 2011.
  • Monthly Time Trials at the Glory Hole
  • Monthly Enduros in Van Peenen
  • 4 Successful Events
    • Pugsley World Championships
    • Decorah Time Trials
    • Dirt Burger
    • Night Shift
  • Sponsor $ raised
  • Purchases
    • Full Time Paid Trail Maintenance Person
    • New Equipment - Chainsaw, Leaf Blower
    • Kick Ass Equipment Trailer
  • Nordic Fest Parade
  • New Trails and other Trail Projects (Maps, Signs, etc.)
A comment from Jesse
Once we go through the accomplishments of 2011, I'd like to talk about the Vision and Direction of DHPT.  We've been a pretty casual group for a long time and we've been open to just about everyone's opinion.  I think we should revisit what exactly it is we are trying to do with this organization.  Lately I've heard a lot of differing opinions about what this group is actually supposed to do.

We should go back and look at what we set out to accomplish when we started DHPT, and look at what we've  achieved and what we've missed.  Once we talk about those points, we should figure out where we go now and start planning for 2012.

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