Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Saturday - Getting Rid of Spinner II - River Edition

Lately it has been a trend of mine to start a job in the Springtime that is located some place that is not Decorah.  Trust me, it hurts me just as much as it hurts you.  Well, maybe not quite as bad as it hurts you if you're a bar owner, or a bike repair man, or in the medical field, but it hurts all the same and deserves some kind of recognition.  Last year, people who don't even live in Decorah came to say goodbye, good riddance, and get the hell out.  Last year was an epic series of 2 mile bike rides to Bluffton.  This year, let's get wetter.

Let's Kayak to Bluffton

We'll leave Decorah sometime around 1:00 so those of you who plan to be responsible can get things done while those of us who aren't responsible can rid our hang overs.  We'll drive north of Bluffton and kayak float, paddle and party, eventually getting back out in Bluffton.  

We'll have chicken fries, cheese burgers, deep fired broccoli, and heck maybe a shot or twelve at Randy's.

I will work on getting a trailer to haul all the boats up at once.  
I will also supply around 52-58 cans of Campaign depending on what time we leave.

Invite your friends.


OGARA said...

Nikki and I are in for sure, I can't wait to get that menace officially out of town.......Good Riddance. That is until you move back to town next month.

Ken said...