Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dirt Burger Road Race Results

Did I say Road Race?  I meant Bucketball Tournament results.  I always get those confused.

And the Results are:

Eh Hm...  O'Gara's team got 3rd, and a Trophy.
Chewey and Fiona literally carried his ass the whole tournament.


I re-organized that to make it look good.  
To see the actual progression and why all my leg hair is gone, see below.

I brought my camera, but forgot to get it out the entire weekend.  
Thanks to Scott and Johnny for making sure there was photo evidence and posting it.

For more pics:  


Carry on.  Nothing to see here.  What happens at Dirt Burger stays at Dirt Burger.

Hope you can make it next year.


scott showen said...

That was awesome, thanks for the hospitality Decorah!

Spinner said...

Thanks for making the trip. We love riding bikes and get sick of each other, so the more guests who can share in the fun the better.

Jim said...

You are a crazy MF, dude!