Thursday, February 17, 2011

If Vikings rode Bikes, Those Bikes would have been Pugsleys.

More information about the course. It might be Snow. It might be Ice. It might be Mud. We didn't call this thing a Snow Race. We didn't call this thing an Ice Race. We didn't call this thing a Mud Race. Hell, we didn't even call it a Bike Race. It a Pugsley Event.

And a good thing it is a Pugsley Event.  Because it might be muddy.  It might be snowy.  It might be Icy. If that doesn't sound fun, please stay home.  Any whiners will be beaten with the trophy.

A little history of how this thing started. Me and a couple of buddies were riding around one lovely afternoon and decided to go off trail and check out a new area. 2 of us were riding Pugsleys, the other a regular single speed rigid.  He was impressed with the capability of the Pugsleys.  He asked "Why isn't there a Pugsley World Championship?"  I said "I dunno."  He said "Make that happen Reyerson."  I said "Ok".

Race starts at 10:30. Registration will be day of. Registration place is to be determined.

The Course is 26.3 miles - give or take.
Google Map of the Course

First Place = $500.00 and a Large Hatchet

Second Place = a Medium Hatchet and a First Loser medal

Third Place = a Small Hatchet and a take down contest with Jeff O'Gara

The Pugsley Championships will follow after the Race.

Figure 8 Teeter Totter Challenge
King of the Hill
Mystery Event

The finish line is the Oaks Steak House. There will be $2 High Life Tall Boys. Thanks Shockey.

There is an inexpensive hotel at The Oaks - the Bluffs Inn. Here's the website:
There is also a Country Inn across the street.

More info to come as soon as I make it up.

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