Sunday, February 13, 2011

DHPT February 2011 Meeting Minutes

Decorah Human Powered Trails
Monthly Meeting Minutes
February 8th, 2011

Iowa Bike Summit
  • IMBA presentation was one of the few presentations that was of any substance
  • Decorah will be presenting at next year’s Iowa Bike Summit 2012
    • Topics for next year will be: Creating and Club, and Holding a Mountain Biking Event

Funds Report
  • Park and Recreation DHPT Fund: $2000
  • DHPT Checking Account $170
  • Group decided to keep extra funds in checking account and pay any expenses out of Park and Recreation Fund
  • Receipts
    • Group is going to pay for the registration and gas of sending Jesse and Deke down to Iowa Bike Summit out of Park and Recreation Fund
      • Jesse: $87.49 for Gas/Transportation
      • Deke: $90.00 for Registration
    • Group will reimburse Trevor for IMBA Club Registration Fees
      • Trevor: $30.00
  • TOW has offered $1200 dollars for the purchase of a trailer for DHPT.  Jesse is tracking down possible trailers and obtaining quotes.

Pugsley World Championships
  • Course- Approved by the Cresco Snowmobile Club to allow running the race starting at Vernon Springs in Cresco to The Oaks in Decorah.
  • Exact course yet to be determined
  • Call for Intersection Volunteers: Ogara (Snowmobile), Spinner (Snowmobile), Sov, Deke, ?????????

IMBA Membership
  • Motion was made that we should join IMBA as an affiliated club.
    • Reasoning for joining: National exposure to our trails and organization, Access to Grant Opportunities and Grant Education, and Bringing legitimacy to our Organization
  • All in attendance voted yes to join.  Trevor will sign up group on the IMBA website.

Trail Maintenance Position
·      Who:  Jimmy Tripp, Andy Schmabbe, Ben Blair
·      Payment will be made in 3 monthly installments (June, July, August)
·      $1,800-$2,000

Trail Sponsorship
  • Previous years sponsors
    • Bank of the West, Java Johns, T’Bocks, Toppling and Goliath, West Side Dental, Edward Jones and Associates, Oneota River Cycles, Decorah Bicycles
  • Possible Sponsors to Pursue: Hovden Oil, Kelly Regan Chiropractic, Color Graphics, Wicks Construction, Featherlite, Team Rehab, Oneota Physical Therapy, Decorah Bank and Trust, Oneota Coop, Letterworks, Walmart

Decorah Time Trials 2011
  • Sponsorship Board- Discussion on making a large poster via color graphics that would contain all the sponsors for the trail system from with room on poster for results to be posted
  • 2011 Giveaways- Water Bottles have been chosen to replace t-shirt giveaway
  • Awards- T-Bocks has been reserved for the awards ceremony. Basement must be vacated by 5:00 p.m. due to another reservation

DHPT Apparel 2011
  • Hats-  Interest in purchasing hats instead of t-shirts for DHPT Apparel.
  • Quote to be obtained by Trevor and presented at March Meeting

March 2011 Agenda
-       Pugsley World Championships Recap
-       GPS Unit Info Session- How too???
-       Decorah Time Trials 2011
-       Trail Sponsors
-       Trail Maintenance Position- WHO???
-       Trail Running Race????
-       DHPT Hats
-       Upper Iowa River Trail to Bluffton

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