Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 2011 Meeting Minutes

Decorah Human Powered Trails
Monthly Meeting Minutes
January 11th, 2011

******** Volga Snow Moblie Trail Ride: Sunday, January 16th from Oneota River Cycles @ 10:30 a.m.**********

Yearly Election Results:
-         Motion made by Kirk to keep present officer in for additional term, as well as to combine the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.

President: Jesse Reyerson
Vice President: Doug Osborn
Secretary & Treasurer: Trevor Rockwell

2011 Events Schedule
-         Pugsley World Championships: February 26th
-         21st Annual Decorah Time Trials: May 1st
o       Deke will pursue different giveaway options for Time Trials instead of t-shirt
§         Socks
§         Water Bottles
-         Dirtburger- June 10th –June 12th
o       Make more official with organized rides and events
o       Bucketball World Championships again?????
-         Decorah Night Shift Race: Oct. 22nd

Communication of Schedule and DHPT Organization
-         Business Cards- Purchased with DHPT Funds
-         DHPT Blog and Bike Decorah Website
-         BikeIowa Website, Other Websites?????
-         Bandanas, Hats, Water Bottles
-         Water Bottles are being looked into and probably will be pursued
-         DHPT Logo changed to include Pugsley Wheel at beginning and pushing other logos down one.

Sponsors being pursued for 2011 Trail Sponsorship
-         Previous years sponsors
o       Bank of the West, Java Johns, T’Bocks, Toppling and Goliath, West Side Dental, Edward Jones and Associates, Oneota River Cycles, Decorah Bicycles
o       Possible Sponsors to Pursue: Hovden Oil, Kelly Regan Chiropractic, Color Graphics, Wicks Construction, Featherlite, Team Rehab, Oneota Physical Therapy,
o       Any other suggested sponsors to pursue, please email me ( or Jesse.

Grant Opportunities
-         Iowa Bike Summit at end of January. Find out different grants out there to report at February meeting.
-         Need to create budget reports for 2011 months to help with obtaining grants
-         Tow $$ for possible trailer purchase?
-         Items Pursuing with possible grant money
o       Landing and Bridge @ East end of River Trail
o       Mobile Trailer for Trail Equipment
o       Trailhead????
o       Trail Maintenance Position Funding
o       High Dollar GPS  for mapping our trails and other trails that are visited

DHPT Google Maps Account
-         Deke has GPS units that he would like people to take when riding @ various other trails to help
-         Hope to make DHPT hub for Midwest mountain bike and off-road maps
-         Maps are being kept private and not in the public domain
-         Send Deke and GPS files if you have a GPS unit of your own

February 2011 Agenda
-         Trail Sponsors
-         Trail Maintenance Position- WHO???
-         Pugsley World Championships
-         Decorah Time Trials 2011
-         GPS Unit Info Session- How to???
-         DHPT Funds Report- What do we have?

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