Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dhpt may time trial results and photos

champion: jimmy the speed trapp (based solely on the name and the desire to ride)
2nd/3rd: virtually a tie but 2nd goes to john for his endo over benji's 3rd place finish for extra miles ridden just trying to find the start
4th: friedhof for making an appearance
dfl: myself for failing to bring a light and thus punching my ticket for the train wreck that was the ride out.
dq's: pete the dentist for attempting to ride the actual course and o'gara for straying more than 10 feet off the trail while attempting to ruin my night derbying on single track. yes, i will bring my pugsley next time just in case.
dns's: deke, but he is an honorable mention regardless for providing caveman meat, the "official timing" and captaining the ship when it was time to leave and jesse who decided to make a surprise guest appearance. even more surprising was jesse being the first to leave. i'm still confused.

deke and a unicorn
l to r: jimmy, friedhof, pete, john
don't. ask.
bunch of guys hanging out at the glory hole.
jimmy, john. jimmy john's. hehe.
obligatory self-portrait w/jesse

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