Monday, March 22, 2010

Trail Conditions 3/22/10

The trails right now are following the beer can effect. They freeze or get really cold at night, like a beer can in the fridge. In the morning they are still cold and are great to ride, or drink depending on weather you are talking about the trails or the beer can. As the day or beer can warms by the sun they start to get really wet and sweat, still ok for drinking but not so good for riding. As the day goes on the sun dries the trails and makes them very good for riding, not so good for the beer can unfortunately.

So what I am trying to say is the trails are great in the morning until probably 9 or so, then they start to get really muddy. They dry up in most places in the late afternoon, by about 3 or so. If you come across sections that are really muddy, get off your bike and walk off the trail around them. Try and stay on the high sides of the trails so you can help bench them in, instead of riding the low side and causing the need for shoring.

Each day will be different than the next depending on how cold it gets at night and how warm it gets during the day. Each trail is also different depending on how much direct sunlight it gets during the day. Use common sense and you will have a great time.

Remember sweaty beer cans are cool, rutted out trails are not.


Trevor Rockwell said...

I tend to feel that the idea of people being worried about rutted out trails is overrated. This discussion comes up every year and you know what, the trails are better off ridden than not. They will survive just like everyother year!

Trevor Rockwell said...

I don't agree with walking around the trails, MORE harm than good comes of that!!

OGARA said...
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OGARA said...

My post was not made in rebuttal to your post Trevor, this is simply my opinion. You know opinions, everyone is allowed to have one, even though most may differ from yours. My post has absolutely nothing to do with yours. I only want to educate people, not you. I know you are set in your ways and are always the first to disagree, so your viewpoint is expected. I am going to ride at 6 p.m. when the trails are fun, you go make a mess anytime you want, just to prove you can.

Trevor Rockwell said...

No Comment!Done!