Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Meeting Minutes

Decorah Human Powered Trails

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 2nd, 2010

Event Date Changes

  • Dirt Burger- Now June 12-13th,2010
  • Summer Sizzler- Now August 21st, 2010

Decorah Time Trials 2010

  • Packets are out. Email sent to past years participants.
  • Packets were sent to regional bike shops, Frostbike, and 1st series race of IMBCS
  • Explore Decorah is linked on Time Trials Event Page at http://www.decorahia.org/pr/pr.asp?id=prtime_trials
    • Provides Maps and Directions. Work in Progress.
  • If you would like to volunteer or know of volunteers please email: jes@bikedecorah.com
  • Brainstorming on Race Course!
  • Sponsorship Board
    • T-shirts this year, possibilities of other options following years


  • Monthly Work Days
    • Split Park into 4 sections (Van Peenen, Palisades, Dunnings, and River Trail)
    • Group Leaders
      • Van Peenen- Jesse
      • Palisades- Doug
      • Dunnings- Trevor
      • River Trail- Deke
    • Group Leaders will choose dates for trail work in assigned section and will be sending out emails or ask for volunteers for trail work group.
    • Volunteers wanted for Trail Groups- If interested and willing please email: jes@bikedecorah.com

Palisades Trail Project

  • Lee has route mapped out and ready to be built
  • Work day to be determined

Mountain Bike Kickoff Day

  • Corresponding w/ Palisades Trail Project
  • Day to kickoff new year of work and riding on Decorah Trails
  • Grill out, trail work, and social time!

Tool Purchases for Year

  • Focus on purchasing hand tools

Nordic Fest Float

  • Discussion of the possibility of group entering float

Agenda Next Month (April 2010)

  • Volunteers for Trail Groups
  • Time Trials
    • Course Setup
    • Volunteers List
    • Route Selection
    • Sponsorship Board!!!!!!!!
  • Nordic Fest Float
  • Alternative Meeting Locations

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Elly Sue said...

I'll volunteer for Time Trials. Need to be specific on what you want me to do.
- Elly