Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Meeting Agenda

Decorah Human Powered Trails

Monthly Meeting Agenda

March 2010

  • Adopt a Trail
    • Revisions
    • Selection of who does what?
  • Decorah Time Trials
    • April 25th, 2010
    • Volunteers
    • Duties
  • Palisade Trail Building Projects
  • Trail Tool Purchases
    • What do we need?
  • Summer Sizzler
    • Who is in charge?
    • Date Change- Aug. 21st??
    • Information into packets for Time Trials
  • Any Additional Topics ????

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DHPT February Meeting Minutes

Decorah Human Powered Trails

Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 2nd, 2010

Iowa Bike Summit

  • Deke, Jesse, Kirk and Brad recently attended the Summit held in Des Moines Jan. 29th and Jan. 30th
  • Deke and Brad presented during a session on Urban Dirt
    • Brads newest mapping of the area off-road trails a hit!!!!
    • Overlying theme- There is money in grants out there, we need to come up with ideas on how we can use money (Trailhead, Equipment Trailer, Equipment, etc)

Time Trials

  • 2 months away
  • Course Design
    • Deke presented a route- Start at Glory Hole and End on River Trail. Possible crossing of trails in Death Valley. Provides for start and finish to be within 100 ft. of each other. (Preliminary Route)
  • IMBCS Points Series
    • Time Trials are on the schedule
    • Focus on getting categories set up in computer system to allow for series points to be announced at awards ceremony
  • Discussion on registration gifts
    • T-Shirts as in the past
    • Goodie bags with Sponsors on them, Socks, Energy Gels, etc.
  • Sponsor Board
    • Discussed the possibility of having a sponsor board at the finish line to recognize all sponsors also a board that results could be posted to at the awards ceremony

Website Switch

  • The website that was formally run on Yahoo is now going to be run through Go Daddy.
  • Feedback on how the site is being transitioned can be directed to Jesse.
  • Discussed a need to check email list, making sure everyone is getting emails that are being sent to group
  • Pictures- if anyone has pictures to be included in the website update and other publications that are promoting the single-track of Decorah.

Summer Sizzler

  • Discussion on weather or not this race is going to be taken on or abandoned.
  • Trevor interested in taking charge of race.
  • Discussion tabled till next months meeting

2010 DHPT Goals

  • Trail Work
    • Palisades reroute top of Smebby’s
    • Additional trail connecting Lower Dead Pet to Middle Palisade switchbacks
    • Continued work on Mother’s Day shoring
  • Kiosks
    • Better usage of kiosks to include sponsor recognition, upcoming events calendar, trail recognition.
  • Equipment Purchases
    • Discussion on any equipment purchases that may need to be made this coming year (nippers, blowers, trimmers, etc.)

Agenda Next Month (March 2010)

  • Adopt a Trail- Revision
  • Time Trial Volunteers and Duties
  • Palisade Trail Building Projects
  • Trail Tool Purchases- What do we need??
  • Summer Sizzler?????