Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frickin' Awesome!

I don't know what it is about winter time, but snow and ice and darkness can sure be a lot of fun. A few of us have finally gotten back into the weekly ride groove. I suppose it has something to do with less training rides, schools in session, and the fact that alcohol is nature's antifreeze for humans. Whatever it is, here are some pics from the last couple weeks.

2010 Triple D Decorah Crew: Trevor - Spinner - Shockey - Scotty Marx

2009 Run to Bluffton Crew: Spinner - Eric Clement - Jamie Folkedahl -
Jeff Freidhof - Mark Folkedahl

2010 New Year's Day Ride: Spinner - Shockey

2010 New Year's Day Ride: Wes Gregg - Fuhrmann - O'Gara - Gunnar Rush
Wayne Gregg - Sov

Tuesday night Ride/Jam Session: Little Drummer Boy

Cresco Snow Mobile Trails: Deke - The Grelk

Cresco Snowmobile Trails: VP Doug Osborn

Cresco Snowmobile Trails: ?

Captain's Wedding: Oops I mean Captain's Daughter's Wedding: Captain - Folky

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wvcycling said...

You guys look like goggle'd ninjas in to top photo!