Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy Summer

It's been a busy summer.

Here's the North 40 Log Ride. It had to be cut out and blocked off due to "Insurance" reasons.
I recently took a trip to Chicago for business.
I got a shot of the big silver bean thing in Millennium park.

Here's a shot of a cool fountain in Chicago.

Here's what's left of the beer stock in O'Gara's refrigerator about 2/3 of the way after the Saturday ride last week.

Friedhof, Fuhrmann and I got out on the river before the Saturday ride, and Lived the High Life.

I ran into a group ride as I was bar hoping in Downtown Chicago.
I wish I would have thought to bring a bike.

Demon Fire Barrel, donated to DHPT from Milwukee bike rider/iron worker Dave Lutz.

A few post ride beers at T-bock's. Sipper or Chugger.

Finally, I was able to get out and do some trail trimming. The River trail gets pretty bad just where it cuts off from the original hiking trail. It was too much for the weed eaters, I'll have to get the DR out there to finish it off.



I hope everyone else is finding time to get out and enjoy the trails.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday Ride 7/18/09

This Saturday July 18th we will be having a ride/party at the O'Gara Ranch. We will leave for a group ride at 3 p.m from the O'Gara residence, groups will split to allow a good comfortable pace for all. Beers, food, fire and more beers will follow at my place. Everyone is invited, even those creepy out of town folk, as pictured.