Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time Trial Tonight - 7PM - Van Peenen Fire Pit

I honestly have worked on the trails probably twice as many hours as I've spent riding them this summer. I'm really looking forward to weeds freezing to death, hard frosty single track, and a legitimate reason to have a fire (as opposed to O'Gara just likes to burn stuff). Tonight's Time Trial will be the first time I've rode since last months Time Trial. And it will be in the Dark, I think that's the best riding there is around here. It just seems different every time.

I saw this stuff on the internet today - I don't know why I'm throwing it up on here, maybe because I don't have any actual Bike pictures of my own to share. Oh Well, enjoy!

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Ken said...

Got to experience the fruits of your labor first hand this past weekend and would like to extend sincerest gratitude for the work y'all have done up there, good, no, great stuff!