Friday, October 23, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2009 Night Shift Cancelled

Sorry for the bad news. It was been raining for the past 3 days and the river level is up 6 inches. It bad enough to run a race in the rain, it worse to do it on a bluff, and its really bad to do it at night.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Night Shift Race Course, From Space

Google Earth. Have you ever checked that thing out? I used to think it was just something geeks and nosy people used to check out people's houses and property. Maybe Deke is one of those guys, because witht he help of a new GPS, he's been able to mark out the Night Shift Race Course and upload it to Google Earth. It's a little hard to follow right now, but bear with us. We'll be working on loading all of our trails up to Google Earth, but for now we can be pretty impressed with what people can accomplish with beer and technology in the woods.

Get more information about the Night Shift at

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flip is Riding for Team Radio Shack!!

Congratulations to former Decorah rider "Flip" - aka Matt Busche

From Tosa to the Tour: Busche joins Armstrong's Team RadioShack

Oct. 14, 2009

Matthew Busche confirmed Wednesday morning that he has signed on to race the 2010 season with Lance Armstrong’s Team RadioShack.

The move will take the Wauwatosa cyclist from the local Tour of America’s Dairyland to the top level of international cycling and possibly the Tour de France, in one short year. Busche, 24, will be racing with cycling stars Armstrong, Chris Horner, Andreas Kloden and Levi Leipheimer on the squad formed earlier this year.

Team manager Johan Bruyneel, who guided Armstrong to seven Tour de France victories, contacted Busche after the Wauwatosa West alum raced to a surprising fifth place finish in the U.S. Pro Cycling Championship in August.

“I was definitely not expecting to be receiving a call from RadioShack or have a chance to ride for RadioShack after a half-season of racing pro for Kelly Benefits,” Busche said in a phone interview.

“Lance is obviously an icon in the sport and Levi and Chris Horner have years of experience,” he said. "I’m going to do my best to soak it all in and learn from them and Johan as much as I can.

“There’s probably not a lot of better people out there to learn from tactically and strategically as far as racing sense goes. It’s probably one of the best opportunities a cyclist could have.”

Busche plans to finish up the semester studying physical therapy at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, then follow the schedule for his development role on one of the world’s elite cycling teams. Step one will be to sort through the emotional whirl and magnitude of the leap through the cycling ranks.

When he begins training with Armstrong et al, he will be just two years removed from racing for the ISCorp team in the Wisconsin Cycling Association series.

“You only get an opportunity to ride for a team like this once in a lifetime,” he said. “You have to take that leap of faith.”

To see the original story: click here

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time Trial Tonight - 7PM - Van Peenen Fire Pit

I honestly have worked on the trails probably twice as many hours as I've spent riding them this summer. I'm really looking forward to weeds freezing to death, hard frosty single track, and a legitimate reason to have a fire (as opposed to O'Gara just likes to burn stuff). Tonight's Time Trial will be the first time I've rode since last months Time Trial. And it will be in the Dark, I think that's the best riding there is around here. It just seems different every time.

I saw this stuff on the internet today - I don't know why I'm throwing it up on here, maybe because I don't have any actual Bike pictures of my own to share. Oh Well, enjoy!