Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meeting Minutes DHPT August 4th 2009

Summer Sizzler –

We got behind the 8 ball on this one. The problem is that even though we have a large number of mtn bike riders in Decorah and a lot of names on the e-mail list, we have few active contributors. The support necessary to promote this event never surfaced. That being said, we decided to have the race anyway but in a much less formal manner than last year.

  • Race starts at 12:00 Noon at the Van Peenen Fire Pit
  • Registration 11:30 – 12:00 Noon Same Place
  • Free Will entry fee
  • 2 or 3 Laps
  • Cook Out to Follow – Bring Food and Beverages

Bandit Trail work –

There has been some work don to the River Trail, Dust Bowl, and Little Big Horn lately that was not approved by the group. While we appreciate help and need as much as we can get, unapproved trail work is a problem because:

  1. All of our trails must be approved by Park & Rec. A plan for the existing trail system was presented and approved last year. We are allowed to build trails in some areas and not in others. We need to gain approval for anything additional.
  2. Since we’ve been granted rights to build trails in the park system, anything that is built or done in the Parks is accredited to us – Good AND BAD.
  3. Some of these trails take a lot of work to build sustainably. When a person comes and starts moving logs and stick, they could be tearing out shoring and stakes (as was the case with Dirty Harry on Dustbowl). Be sure you’re not doing more damage than good.
  4. Some things like the log ride were taken down for insurance and accountability reasons and should not be re-built and left up there.

A possible solution is to post a To-Do list online (Blog) so that people who want to help can easily find out what needs to be done.

Maps –

The maps need to be re-done. The Trail Names are finalized and will be placed on the Kiosks. In Addition to Bike/Hike trails, we are going to show the Horse Trails on the Maps. The reason for this is while the trails are becoming better marked, the Maps will help indicate where the Horses can be and where they cannot be. There is roughly 7 miles of trails in the park system that can physically sustain Horses. We will identify these on the maps in hopes that they will not ride on and damage the nearly 10 miles that cannot physically sustain horse traffic. The Kiosks will also post the Rules, Fines, etc.

Signs –

O’Gara has secured $2000 for trail marker signs that will be installed throughout the park system. The markers are a high visibility and very durable fiberglass 2-sided post. They will have the trail name and the official Park & Rec logo. The initial estimated cost was around $2300. DHPT may need to find a way to come up with the remaining $300.

T-Shirts –

I have about 8 T-Shirts left that were ordered and never claimed. I will be dropping them off at Deke’s shop on Friday afternoon to sell – First Come First Serve. If you ordered one and still want it, contact me before then.

Other -

Grant –

Deneb and Sarge have found another grant that we can apply for worth $1000, we’ll be needing someone to write it and a decision on what to do with the money. Ideas are for the mobile tool trail tool trailer, push lawn mowers, event prmotions, and I’m sure there will be more to come.


The City of Decorah will be putting in a bid to host RAGBRAI next year and has asked DHPT to sponsor their application. It was unanimously agreed in favor of support.

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