Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dirt Burger, Mud Burger

Mmmm... Nate caught more fish than rode trails, nothin' wrong with that.

Fuhrmann's Rolling Death Trap/coal stack hauler/wilderness sleeping sanctuary
Captains light work bike hauler
I don't know who's this is, but it was all biked out.
"There might be a barn raisin' today, there might be a barn raisin' tomorrow!"
Volvo Bike
Yes, they are living by a van down by the river.
Bucket ball, my new favorite sport.

It was a good time. More to come after rest and non-alcoholic beverages.


Barrelroll said...

Very enjoyable event! I made only brief appearances, but enjoyed my short trail ride like no trail ride I've ever had before, and the signature comic moment for me had to be Sov playing the banjo as girls are trying to get their tubes out of the high and dirty river... I still chuckle. Let's do it again next year!

b said...

Did that one guy ever find his bike?

Spinner said...

Yes he did. It was right where he left it, next to T-Bock's.