Monday, May 18, 2009

Trail Work Time

It's time to earn your keep.
One of the best things about the Decorah trail system is that we've been able to build over 17 miles of mt. bike/hiking specific trails in Palisades, Ice Cave, Dunning's Spring, and Van Peenen Park. One of the downsides however is that we must voluntarily maintain the trails during the prime riding season. A few years ago, the parks were un-rideable do to over grown weeds. Now we help from everyone in the group to keep them rideable. That's why we're trying the Adopt-a-Trail system. DHPT has been buying trail building and maintenance equipment for about 2 years that any member can use to help keep our trails ridable. Contact either bike shop to use the DR trimmer, Weed Eaters, Nippers, rakes, shovels, etc.

The Trail Adoptees so far:

River Trail - Jesse Reyerson
Pines - Wes Gregg
Palisades - Doug & Diane Osborn and friends
Death Valley - Gunnar Rush
Ice Cave - Luther Cross Country Team (Steve and Yarrow Pasche)
Dunning's Loop - Luther Cross Country Team
Dust Bowl - Kirk Johnson
Gunnar & Julia - Need Volunteer
Mother's Day - Need Volunteer
Little Big Horn - Need Volunteer
Boa - Need Volunteer

As for the condition of the trails after the Time Trials - A few minor repairs and everything is in great shape. We heard some concern from some out of towners about how our trails would hold up to the rain and the riders. Well, fortunately our stuff holds up pretty good. About 4 hours of trail work and Mother's Day is in rockin' shape. That's the beauty of Off Camber.

This is an after Picture of the work on Mother's Day.

This is a before pic of Mother's Day.
Here's Diggy - Guarding the stakes.
The New watershed where Mother's Day meets Boa
The usual suspects: Deke, Vral, Doug and Diane.

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