Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bar Trek

A good friend and former Decorah resident Dusty Bennet is currently a Trek Employee. He rode with us in Colorado this March and told us we would have to come out and try the Trek trails this summer. O'Gara, Fuhrmann, Jim Tripp and I headed out early Saturday morning enroute to Waterloo, WI. We were a little worried that the trails might be wet as we were driving in the rain and it was heading the same way we were, but a quick call to Dusty and the Trail Boss confirmed conditions were ok to ride.

Dusty has collected quite the stable of bikes. One so big it envokes a sinister laughing spree.
This tree has it's own Trek Head Badge.

Pre Ride Beverages. Dusty's wife Victoria is a Chemist, and a Home Brew Wizard.

The Features at Jim's Trails are a lot of fun, and luckily for us, well marked.

Ever had your tube jump out of your tire and attack your fork like a Boa Constrictor? Me either, and I wasn't about to let my tube get away with it. So I let the air out, un wrapped it, Shoved it back inside the tire, and pumped it up. She held for the rest of the ride.
I like my Fuhrmann on the rocks.


Ken said...

Trevor Rockwell said...

Would love to ride that shit. Awesome video.

innov8or2003 said...

Well done, nice riding...