Monday, April 20, 2009

News Flash...Updated Time Trials Course!

Thanks to Folke for riding with the GPS last night and Deke for plotting out the course on the computer.

Depending on the trails and the weather, this may not be the exact course, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

For the first time ever, we'll be starting at the top of Palisades. Then dropping onto the River Trail, and crossing Ice Cave road into Rattle Snake Cave.

From there it's over to New Randy's and down into Death Valley, up Rocky Road, and jump into the lower half of little Big Horn before you get to the First Right. Then it's the usual flow of Switchbacks, Dustbowl, North 40, Gunner, Julia, and you pop out in the prairie by the fire pit. From here we'll head over to the upper section of Little Big Horn and ride to the First Right, hop out onto Rocky Road for about 20 ft before bombing down Fred's back into Death Valley.

Now it's up Old Randy's. At the tops, take a left and ride LXC back to the top of New Randy's, take a right and hit Captain's over to Boa. From Boa you'll shoot onto Mother's Day and ride all the way over to Wold's, cross over and then cross back onto lower Mother's day. From here you'll ride to the new exit which dumps out onto Ice Cave road where you'll meet Judy and her lovely assistant for your finish time.
Total Length 9.02 miles
Total Climbing 3440 feet

Have Fun!


Crafter said...

I will be attend this year's race and was wondering about the format. Is this race set to age groups or classes (sport, rec, comp). Also, now that the course is set will some of the races be more than one lap?

shockstar said...

time trial style. one racer goes off every minute. one lap for everyone. there's typically awards for age group and overall. simple and effective. show up, throw down your best time, head to the bar and wait for the results.

Crafter said...

Thanks. Hope the weather cooperates.

Elly Sue said...

Ben, do you guys get all pissy if the last person takes a long frickin ass time. Just checkin, cuz I've only been out 3x and know its gonna be a slow go.

Maybe this year they can hand out prizes before the last rider is in. I'm not opposed to that. :-)