Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mud, Sweat and Beers = Time Trials 2009

Thanks to Judy "juice" Syverson and her volunteers for running the registration, food tent, and awards. Also thanks to T-Bock's for the awards ceremony, letting us bikers hang out, eat, drink, break stuff and kicking some of us out. ;-) Also thanks to everyone who showed up and participated despite the weather. No injuries, a bunch of crashes, and a fair amount of walking. It was a good time, fun to see out of town friends, and nice to have a whole weekend revolve around bikes.

Pics from the Time Trials 2009.

As you can see, things were getting wet Saturday afternoon.

Chewey and I taking a short break after sawing out some downed trees.

The future overall champ got thirsty at the end of his practice lap.

Moffat needed some refreshment.

Supervisors Captain and Jerry

More mud on the top of the tires than under them.

More Mud

Do these guys do any work? A lot of standing around...

Prior to a door prize, chewey's fenders looked pretty sweet.


Joe said...

Nice to see Big Dummy getting put to work. Rock on!

Joe in Osage

Trevor Rockwell said...

Not nice to talk about Moffit that way! He is not that big!