Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scum-bags are everywhere, even in beautiful Decorah!!

Yes it is true, apparently there are scum-bags in town, at least there was on Monday night/Tuesday morning. On my arrival back home from Grand Junction, CO, I opened my garage door to find over $6000 of items stolen from my garage.

They stripped bike parts, stole tools, frames and many other items.  I wonder if they knew I was out of town from this very website? The police have been over to investigate and a lot of people have ideas of who it could be.  Based on the way the crime was committed, I would venture to say that they had been in my garage before and definitely knew how to work on bikes.

Material things are replaceable , but what really bothers me is that this person had enough BALLS to enter my garage and strip down bikes, for what must have been at least 20 minutes while my wife and daughter slept in the house.

I would really like to meet this person, they must have courage beyond belief.  I don't need my stuff back, nor do I care if you do jail time or have to pay fines.  I just want my knuckles to meet your fucking face.  

If the thief does read this rant, be careful and don't mistake balls and courage for stupidity and ignorance and always remember your time will come and I hope it comes at my hands.


Trevor Rockwell said...

Right ON!!!

Elly Sue said...

I hope they get whoever did this.

That's so scary that it happened while they were home. Makes me want more deadbolts for my doors and a bigger dog!

Justice at your own hand might feel awesome, but the last thing needed is u in the slamma too. U got a bundle of joy to think about.

You checkin ebay to see if your stuff appears out there? Good luck.

Joe said...

BIKE THIEVES MUST HANG!!! I hope you can give the fuckers a serious beat down. Damn, I guy shouldn't have to lock his shit up in small town Iowa.

Joe in Osage

MrDaveyGie said...

That truely sucks. I had my road bike stolen out of my garage when I was home. Found a man riding my bike a month later. Cornered him and said I want two things. My bike back, and to know who you got the bike from. He named my neighbor and said it was sold to him for 25 bucks. This 22 year old neighbor who I helped many times became my enemy, for life. I couldn't help myself knocking him down and roughing the scum-bag up when I next saw him. I sure hope you find who, and get your stuff back.

Captain Bob said...

Oh man! That sucks. I would feel the same Jeff.....while the family was at home. That's scary crap.

I agree with Elly Sue. Be careful. Keep an eye on craig's list too. Maybe someone keeping an eye out for your stuff can catch the jerk(s).

I had the check the calender too since it is so close to April Fools.