Thursday, February 19, 2009

DHPT Logo Change

Since last year's "Incident" with the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo has severed ties with the event, we're doing something different this year. Since the BWB was part of the DHPT Logo, we had to make an update to that too. It's still in the works, but this is one of the first renderings of the image that we're working on.

2009 Events
April 26: 19th Annual Time Trials
June 21,22: Beers and Bikes in the Woods
August 9: 2nd or 3rd Summer Sizzler
October 25: 7th Annual Night Shift


Trevor Rockwell said...

You guys know that the Race's in Lacrosse are the same weekend as the Summer Sizzler in Decorah. Just checking on that!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...isn't Human Powered Trails the name for the trails in LaCrosse? Are you guys affiliates of the LaCrosse trail builders?

Anonymous said...

What are the symbols above the letters? Are those the Wing-Dings for DHPT?

Spinner said...

Ha ha. Good One! Thanks! Unfortunately, we're not affiliated with the LaCrosse Human Powered Trails. They do have some really great trails up there though. We're just unoriginal Trail Buildin' Bike Ridin' Beer Drinkin' monkeys down here. Thanks for the comment though. Everybody loves the cool guy, slinging comments around anonymously all over the Bike Blogs from the Back of the Bus. Now, this is a pretty well kept secret, but they do actually let anyone create a profile with a picture and a name for free.