Monday, January 5, 2009

Violence through a Child's Eyes

If you were on the New Year's Day ride and saw the first unprovoked crash attack, this picture makes a lot of sense. One volunteer decided to take on the load of the Beer and the radio so all could enjoy refreshments and listen to the Hawkeye game. This brave soldier headed off with a load on his back for the enjoyment of all. Things were going well, until out of the shadows, a sucker punch of sorts landed from behind and took him out, and laid him down on the gravel, skidding across the jagged ice and rock at full speed.
This is Julia Scwartz's depiction.
It is also on display in T-Bock's if you have time to stop by and see it.


shockstar said...

keep your head on a swivel...unicorns lurk in the shadows.

R said...

Julia will be excited to hear she is a published artist!