Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, it's Friday. For the first time in a long time, no one rode the Thursday Night Ride. O'Gara had a Park and Rec meeting, Shockey needed to take a night off, and i just didn't want to ride. It's kind of relaxing to be lazy once in a while, I can see how that could be addictive.

Deke and I are heading to Des Moines in the morning to attend the 2009 Iowa Bicycle Summit. We're mostly looking to do some networking and see what they have to talk about. There is a lot of community and bike to school stuff, but personally I'm more interested in the afternoon Statewide Mountain Bike Forum. I know we've got some of the toughest mt. Bike trails in the state, and unique to the rest of Iowa. Should be an interesting day.

In the meantime, I went through and cleaned up the computer folders a little bit, and found some stuff that are probably worthy of throwing up on the blog.

Winter is gravel time for the hardcore outdoor bike guys. I recently found that Google Maps does really well at plotting routes. I can find tiny little roads where it's scary when you're on your bike coming down a hill and a Geo Metro is coming your way because the road is so thin. You got to use the drag and drop method for some, but you get a decent idea of the mileage and a little perspective on how far you are, will be, were to something else.

Tuesday Gravel route with Shockey
My route to work climbing White Tail Road and Old Stage.
My Route to work taking Trout Run and climbing Stone Hill road.
The internal 9 Speed Karate Monkey. I tell ya, I beat the piss out of this thing. Deke asked me to break it, and I only half failed him. Of course, the Karate Monkey is a tough bike, but would the internal nine speed rear hub hold up? I hammered on this thing for about 5 weeks, and there was very limited minor issues. It will make an awesome gravel bike, and Hopefully this Spring we'll find out if it can hold up on the trails.
A beast of a bike. The Big Dummy. Another Surly creation. If you've ever rode to the grocery store, walked around for 20-30 minutes, and then walked outside and said "DOH!" because you've got 2 hands full of chicken breasts, Frozen Pizzas, Milk and a 30 pack of PBR and forgot you rode your damn bike, you could use this thing. Built to carry stuff other than just your drunk self home from the bar. Go check it out.


Joe said...

Love the new color for the Monkey. I have an old brown one and it takes everything I throw at it. s far as the Dummy... I built one up in July and I LOVE it. It's been my daily driver and gravel traveler ever since.

Rock on!
Joe in Osage

Wes Gregg said...

Along with Google Maps, Map My Ride is a great sight where you can save all your rides and share them.

Big Dummy looks sweet!

Rbarrellroll said...

Ah, ya bunch a woosies! We rode to/from jam night last night and it approached minus seventeen on the way home. Snot freezes, you know.

Spinner said...

I hope you guys had a little anti-freeze in your water bottles.