Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 Iowa Bike Summit

Deke and I headed down to the 2009 Iowa Bike Summit in Des Moines this past weekend. There was a lot of talk about the Safe Routes to School program and getting support for it and how to implement it in communities. We were mostly interested in the Iowa Mountain Bike Round Table discussion. We're pretty lucky to have things as good as we do. While one attendee was explaining how a mile of paved trail cost $500,000 and a mile of single track costs only $11,000 in Des Moines or Iowa City, I was thinking it's kind of odd how our paved trails cost around a million per mile but we can build over 3 miles of rocking single track in an afternoon and our volunteers are pretty happy sharing a 30 pack of beer and enjoying the ride.

The Iowa DOT will be working on a comprehensive plan for Mountain Biking in the State of Iowa. We got a chance to talk with others and voice our ideas for what should be involved. Some of the most important items decided upon in the meeting were
  • Liability Reform
  • Centralized Iowa Mt. Bike Website
  • Standardized Trail Mapping and Rating System
  • Support for Bike Festivals and Events
  • Creating State Funded Summer Positions for Mt. Bike Trail Maintenance
  • Iowa High School Mt. Bike Leagues
Dan McNeil of QC TAG (Quad Cities Transportation Advocacy Group) presents on ideas for Marketing Active Transportation

Molly Gable of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition speaks about the Safe Routes to School Program
I don't know what this was doing there, but it was a cool looking cruiser with New Belgium Brewery Decals (Fat Tire Beer)

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Ken said...

Too bad you guys bolted after the mtb / DOT meeting, we did a little round table upstairs... trying to coordinate some dates to get together. Will keep you posted if anything materializes...