Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Learnin' to Ride

I stumbled upon a little guy learning to ride last night on my way out to the trails. It's pretty cool to watch and a lot of fun.
**No children were hurt in the filming of this post.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Night Race 2008 date set.

The date for the 2008 night race will be Saturday October 25, the weekend before Halloween. This year the course will be one lap on the same course that we used for the Summer Sizzler, just shy of 6 miles. The fast riders were doing laps in about 40 minutes, and the average rider was taking about 50 minutes. Most riders get at least an hour and a half out of their lights, so this distance should work for every one. Two lights are required, with the second light used as a back up. Keep checking in for more info as we get closer to race night.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekend in madison

zack and i left town on friday for the trek dealer show in madison. by the time the weekend was done we had discovered madison is an urban riding PARADISE, and riding anywhere from 5-8 inch travel bikes is a riot.

Monday, August 11, 2008

summer sizzler photos

thanks to everyone for a great time and a really well run race. the possibilty and ability for decorah to hold a mass start/lap style race are obvious. more pics when i have time.

Summer Sizzler

The 1st or 2nd annual Summer Sizzler turned out to be a really fun event. Aside for one crash (ask Jamie Folkedahl for more information) 14 people finished out of a total of 19 racers.

Results are on the

Reminder: Monthly Time Trials are this Wednesday at 7:00 at the Van Peenen Fire pit. Ask a bike shop if you have any quetions.

Summer Sizzler 1.5, Aug 10, 2008

Well, we were finally able to pull off a summer race. Last year, record rainfalls washed out the race, and this June the Big Wheel Ballyhoo was canceled due to record flooding in the area. This time around every thing worked out great. We had a beautiful day, great course and a lot of fun people who made it successful. Thanks to Decorah Park and Rec department for all of their help and support - we couldn't do it without them.
We have been putting races on in Decorah since the early eighties, and we have always been complimented on the quality of our single track. Lots of single track is great for the time trials every spring, but it doesn't lend itself to mass start events very well. We started night races in in 2003 as a way to experiment with a mass start event without a whole lot of people, and we have always received the same criticism - not enough distance between the start of the race and the start of the single track. This race started on the gravel road leading up to the park entrance of Van Peenen. And the word to remember here is up. This was the longest climb of the day, and gave the riders plenty of time to get sorted out before entering the single track.
Even though the turnout wasn't that large, there was a lot of good energy out on the course that day. The riders helped each other out, and and the volunteers worked hard to make things go smooth. We had no prize list or promotional items, but we bought every one burgers and beer afterwards at T-Bocks. The fun continued for hours.
If you didn't make it this year, make sure you show up next year. The course is fun and challenging, and has a bit of every thing for every body.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spring Break 2008 Trip

I haven't rode much this week, still healing from the 24 hour race. Since it sucks to check out someone's Blog and it's the same thing you read the last couple of days, I thought I would share some pics from our Spring Break trip this year.

Brian Fuhrman, O'Gara and I loaded up and headed down to Rolla Missouri to do some riding. We even picked up a Wandering Pan Handler at a truck stop in Cedar Rapids named Jeremy Burkhart. His Rig was in rough shape and it didn't get any better.

Brian's Brother Dan lives in Rolla and owns Route 66 Bicycles. He shingled his house with Yellow shingles to spell "BIKES". This wasn't really a bike trip, more of a drinking trip with Bikes involved. There was some flooding in the area and the first thing we did after checking out Route 66 was head out for a Gravel ride. There was a lot of water over the roads, but we made our way through. The second day was supposed to be a ride around a lake, but really it was more like Pedal, wade through water, Pedal, clomp through mud, pedal, crash and bust my chain ring, straightne it out with a BMF'n rock, pedal... The beer was more enjoyable than the ride this day.

Missouri is a little different than Iowa, and the people are way different. We decided to hit up the night life in Rolla. We hopped on the bikes and headed to a steak house that serves little cut up pieces of steak. Next we rode our bikes to "The Tater Patch" no biek rack out side so we stashed our bikes in a nearby yard. Turned out to be a Cop's house but we didn't know that yet. Let me tell ya, we got the full experience. We got sang to by the live band, free beers for being fire fighters (which we weren't) and a couple of near scuffles. I've never been in a place where I got so many dirty looks and so many free Beers in the same night. Must have threw me out of whack because the next day I will get lost in the Mountains and rescued by a forest ranger. I'll have to save that story for another time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

24 hours of 9 mile Results

2008 Results

The Unicorns

Choadal Devastation

All Results

sweet 'stache

congrats to brian and team "choadal devastation" on their 3rd place finish in the nat'l championship 4-man category at 24/9 this weekend.