Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Santa doesn't exsist...

Do you know the story of what actually happened to old Chris Kringle? He did exist at one time. When Jeff O'Gara was just a wee lad, he wrote a letter to Santa. This was a very special letter, Little Jeffery wrote it very carefully, making absolutely sure every word was spelled correctly, that the handwriting was very clean and in large letters, even the paper was wrinkle free. In true Jeff O'Gara form, he mailed the letter Next Day Air in October just to be sure it got to Santa in Time. Jeff asked for one thing and one thing only, his very first bicycle. Little Jeffery was so excited for his new bike to arrive that he could barely sleep on Christmas Eve. But Jeff was told that Santa only visits good little boys and girls who are sleeping. Jeff was so anxious for his new bike he figured the only way to get to sleep was if he put a sleeper hold on himself. Jeff awoke several hours later, realized it was Christmas Morning and rushed down to the tree, ready to ride! Unfortunately, the only thing Santa had left for Jeff was a couple pair of elastic waistband jeans and a pair of size 2 snow boots.... Maybe it was because Jeff wasn't a good boy that year. Maybe they didn't make bikes that small, maybe old St. Nick thought Jeff needed clothes more than toys. Didn't matter to little Jeffery, no excuses, this was a bad move for the Fat Man in the Red Suit. The following year Jeff wrapped himself in a small box under the tree and ambushed Santa. Hence, he no longer exists.

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