Friday, December 19, 2008

The Weather outside is Frightful, but Bikes are so Delightful

I like to ride trails. Shockey basically has an affair with the gravel as soon as the ground turns white. Bill just loves sitting on small triangle shaped seats. It's the Thursday night ride and where should we go. Let's do a gravel loop up Quarry Hill, down White Tail Road, back up Clay Hill and around to the top of Van Peenen so we don't actually have to climb any trails. Deal! Getting up into the Prairie was a little tough, but rolling through the pines was an adventure. 3 bikes, 3 sets of tracks, none following the same path. Things always look a little different at night, but there was no way to tell where the trail was supposed to be. We rocked on into Little Big Horn and made it to the Log Ride before we decided it was just too much work. Stopped for a little refreshment and a photo op. The pictures turned out pretty good in Night Vision mode. All of these pictures were taken after 8:00 PM. Then it was back to the Prairie and a pretty intense Bomob down the Rocky road to Death Valley. Someone had trekked up via snow shoe within the last week so we tried to stick to the path. It was still a challenge to hold the bars straight and stay out of the ravine. One more bomb session down the Louge and it was off to T-Bock's for a night cap or seven.


Trevor Rockwell said...

I miss the winter fun. Oh to be there flopping in the snow would be so much fun.

Lance Andre said...

So cool! some great snow biking photos... its a wonder people call us crazy with all the fun we have in that stuff!!!